This article from Lothar Stadler was published by the European Business Magazine. It provides insights into the changes in the business environment that are driving sales transformation. At the same time, it highlights new ways to actively drive sales generation.

After more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Lothar states, that “b2b sales has completely changed in the last 3 years”. Marketing, sales, customer service, IT & data are moving ever closer together. Today, b2b customers expect experiences like on big platforms like Amazon, Zalando, etc.

By combining the right digital tools, a comprehensive view of customers can be achieved, thus improving sales planning and increasing sales opportunities.

In this article, a precise plan for active sales generation is presented. It starts with sales arguments, continues with marketing and ends with sales management. In short, three subject areas: digital sales tools, sales automation and its impact on leadership.

In today’s business environment, a structured sales generation plan can make the difference in maximizing sales impact, saving internal resources and driving growth.


Here is a link to the full online version.

You can also download a summary here.


Source: Lothar Stadler (2021): Driving sales in a transformed business world, European Business Magazine, summer edition, p.48-53.