We are pleased to announce the official registration of Epoona as an investment company in the Green, Med and Industrial Tech sectors. It has been our intention for a long time to bundle all investment activities in one company. Epoona invests in technology companies for the long term and provides management services in the portfolio companies. Our focus is on company successions, internationalization and startups after seed rounds. 

The founders Lothar Stadler and Werner Töpfl bring 20 years of C-level experience in sales, finance, operations and global business. Together with a large network of experts and senior advisors, Epoona manages the strategic direction and ensures a positive development of the portfolio companies. 

Epo(o)na is the Celtic goddess of the earth, fertility and the environment. It is our way of expressing concern for our planet and our desire to shape our future well with the help of technology. The oak tree in the logo symbolizes the longevity that must be cultivated and affirms our philosophy.

Exporvent is shareholder of Epoona and brings in its expertise in global sales development. We look forward to many successful partnerships.