Last year, explorvent was founded as a service provider for global sales development. We have been involved in interim management mandates in tech companies, writing articles in industry and management magazines, speaking at conferences in both Asia and Europe, universities and startup hubs, and sharing news about sales trends and digital sales tools. All this requires a lot of preparation, research and constant content processing.

Working with a team helps a lot and makes work much more fun. We take this opportunity to introduce our team members Sonia, Katharina and Francesco and give an insight into who they are and what they like.

Sonia Ronner is our Business Development Manager, she is a Spanish-Austrian citizen, likes traveling and media. At explorvent she is responsible for new business contacts and develops new market strategies.

Katharina Reidl is a translator and has a background in business management. With her highly qualified knowledge of business communication gained through work-experience all over Europe, she creates high-quality content for our articles, journals and conferences.

Francesco Bonatti is an Italian MSc student in International Management with a background in financial markets and consulting. His main passions being finance and marketing, he fits in well with our team when it comes to sophisticated content for our marketing and sales initiatives.

Diversity plays an important role for us. We are a diverse team, consisting of women and men with different roots and nationalities, each with a different background. In this way, we cover different aspects and different perspectives that help us to provide our customers with high-quality knowledge and solutions.