We have learned how to do business without traveling, without attending physical events, and with far fewer face-to-face meetings. While these new times have not affected all industries equally, the major disruptions it has triggered in markets, customer behavior, and ways of working and living, mark a historic turning point. Digital tools have helped us navigate this changing world, and many of them will continue to stay with us in the future. It has also changed the way we will work in B2B sales for years to come.

This booklet aims at helping businesses navigate through the challenges that have been posed by these new times and drive sales generation forward. You will learn to recognize recent changes and trends and familiarize with the tools that can help you drive sales forward, such as:

  • Marketing initiatives pushing sales
  • Sales automation
  • New approaches for sales operations

The full article will be published in the summer edition of the European Business Magazine, which will be released at the end of August. Here is also a link to the online preview.

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