WU Executive Academy hosted guest lecture

In this guest lecture, we talked about developing a sales generation plan and actively using sales initiatives in the new times of global business.

Aligned with business strategies and sales arguments, we identify an easy path to developing effective marketing initiatives for lead generation. Proper opportunity management maximizes sales impact and saves internal resources with the right structure and appropriate tools.

Two-thirds of participating Executive Academy students find it challenging to generate new sales in the current business environment due to a lack of personal contacts and to find the appropriate outreach to customers. We provided insights into current developments in global sales. Focusing on topics such as building a customized CRM system, inbound marketing, partner programs and marketing & sales automation can help in the current situation.

What maximizes sales impact and saves internal resources? Those are the playgrounds for pro-active sales plans:

  • sales arguments

  • marketing initiatives

  • leads scoring

  • opportunity management

  • order planning

We shared best-practice experiences from the tech industry, tips & tricks for daily sales work, and concepts for the future.

It was great fun to discuss hot topics in business with our future leaders and share some concepts of tomorrow.

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