VIDYA is a Brazilian tech company which develops asset integrity management solutions. VIDYA solutions are designed to optimize asset integrity activities through real-time operational data and online control of industrial plants. They lead the digital transformation in oil & gas, mining, and petrochemical industries.

VIDYA is in the No. 1 technology trend area of a recent McKinsey study that calls out the next stage of process automation and virtualization. They combine technologies and drive trends such as the Industrial Internet of Things, digital twins and predictive maintenance. Streamlining routine tasks will deliver improved operational efficiency and greater safety for industrial assets.

VIDYA turned to EXPLORVENT for expertise in structuring and developing its sales profile and partner program. Together with VIDYA’s highly motivated business development and marketing team, we elaborated differentiators, customer situations, customer benefits and monetization, which serve as a basis for argumentation lines in sales, marketing, and partner channels.

Vidya’s partner program was established to promote sales in countries outside Brazil and is an essential element in the company’s growth path. The goal is to further expand the partner network and promote VIDYA’s solutions in other markets and industries. Together, we developed a program in which we further defined the roles of the partners, structured the partner search, created a compensation framework with incentives and an operational program to manage partners.

VIDYA has great growth potential in the Latin America and Asia-Pacific regions and will also enter the US and EU market with its breakthrough business technology. It is one of VIDYA’s key objectives to gain terrain with clients abroad and rely on the partner to make things happen.

We are happy to contribute to the growth of VIDYA with our knowledge and find the forward thinking people at VIDYA very inspiring. As we have never met in person, we must thank Otavio Correa, CEO of Vidya, for the trust he has placed in us in advance.

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