Light engines and opto-electronic devices are high-tech core components used in 3D printing, metrology and light projection. In-Vision is a global leader in this field and introduced a new sales process, implemented Hubspot CRM and developed a new inbound marketing strategy with Explovent.

After the new CEO Florian Zangerl joined In-Vision, he asked Explorvent to develop a program to newly structure the sales process, to systematically process inquiries and to set new impulses with sales activities to stimulate the business.

Lothar Stadler took the lead in this project and developed a sales generation plan with marketing initiatives, lead sourcing and opportunity management, with the goal to leverage the maximum of sales impact and to save internal resources.

It became clear that these measures would be much more effective and consistent with a modern CRM system and In-Vision decided to implement Hubspot. The goal was to implement a practical CRM with email & activity logging, templates and campaigns with the sales team within a few weeks, and subsequently prepare an inbound marketing strategy. Explorvent took on this challenging task and coordinated schedule, software provider, implementation and training – always with the goal to deliver hands-on practices for effective sales support.

What aspects are important for implementation?

The challenge is to find the right balance between fast and sustainable results. It is important to bring the sales team along immediately and to convince them of the immediate benefits in their daily sales work“, says Lothar Stadler, CEO of Explorvent.

By relying on Lothar’s many years of operational sales experience, it was possible to anticipate many classic issues in sales work for both the sales team and the management and to quickly produce quick-wins. Within a short period of time, the sales team used Hubspot as a central tool for their sales work and dashboards provided overviews of markets, products, sales initiatives, customer segments, etc. for operational and strategic work. Tools for forecasting and order planning in conjunction with CRM and ERP now help with strategic business management.

Which future-oriented sales initiatives are important?

In addition to the classic CRM implementation, the strategy for inbound marketing was developed. In parallel, a content program for web, white paper and newsletter was initiated. The goal was to link the Hubspot inbound marketing program with forms for landing pages, newsletters and white papers to the CRM in order to generate qualified leads and achieve stronger customer relations with typical inbound marketing campaigns.

In preparation for future marketing & sales automation, qualification criteria for sales opportunity stages are defined. By implementing product request forms linked to CRM, a basis for future simplified processing of customer inquiries is created. A criteria catalog simplifies the chance-effort evaluation of opportunities with the aim of safeguarding company resources.

Thanks go to the In-Vision staff, who made this project possible with a lot of openness and commitment.

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Karine Blandel, Senior Manager Technology and Strategic Cooperations at In-Vision, Boston (USA), shares her experience in this project:

„I had the great pleasure to work with Lothar at a time where my company was implementing a new sales strategy. Lothar not only demonstrated a deep expertise of sales processes and modern CRM tools, but he also spent time with the sales team to understand our company’s culture and how we work with our customers. Based on these insights, he set up a brand new CRM system for us and taught us how to automatize many of the steps in the customer journey, so we could serve our customers better. Besides his obvious professionalism, Lothar is a dedicated, easy-going and fun person to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking to rethink their sales and customer strategy.”

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