A Salesforce implementation within a few days!

Together with Salesfive we implemented Sales Cloud to give NOVID20 the best way to manage relations in more than 40 countries. Now Novid20 can track all activities between countries’ authorities, organizations, corporate partners, supporters and even other market players.

They are managing with Sales Cloud:

  • Leads – to record every person N20 talked or persons who would like to get in touch with
  • Contacts – qualified leads, to record persons that are related to accounts
  • Opportunities – to record project progress (negotiation phase etc.)
  • Accounts – to manage supporters, authorities, and every sort of company they work with
  • Reports – to get an overview on their achievements and what is still to do in the following days to weeks
  • Daily tasks – easily visible through a chatter overview, where also other employees can be asked for support.

After implementing the company’s own e-mails, it was perfectly possible to work together on projects – with physical distance and a global approach.


German: https://www.salesfive.com/blog/novid20

English: https://pledgeitforward.today/salesfive-together-against-covid-19/